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Conditions We Treat

Low Testosterone

Andropause is a condition that is associated with the decrease in the male hormone testosterone. It is unlike menopause in that the decrease in testosterone and the development of symptoms is more gradual than what occurs in women. Approximately 30% of men in their 50s will experience symptoms of andropause caused by low testosterone levels. A person experiencing andropause may have a number of symptoms related to the condition and could be at risk of other serious health conditions such as osteoporosis without proper treatment.

Alpha male will individually customize your testosterone treatment to suit your needs. 

Sexual Dysfunction

At Alpha Male, we look at the many possible causes of sexual dysfunction in the male.  We use a multidisciplinary approach to restoring men to their optimal level of sexual health

Alpha Male incorporates everything from traditional erectile dysfunction meds to custom compounded medications to PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which uses the body's own stem cells and endothelial growth factors to revitalize blood flow and tissue health to the penis. 

Weight & Energy

Need an energy boost? We offer full service medical weight loss services to provide you with everything you need to fight that "Dad Bod". We offer Vitamin B12 shots to enhance metabolism and help your body optimize its use of fat and protein. MIC Lipotropic injections can target and release fatty deposits in your body while improving energy levels and decreasing appetite. 

Alpha Male incorporates Adipex ( phentermine) which is a powerful prescription medication to help jump start your weight loss. 


Defy aging, enhance fitness, and increase your quality of life! Our growth hormone replacement options help to restore muscle mass and increase metabolism. We offer Sermorelin and Ipamorelin/CJC 1295 therapy which are safe alternatives to HGH injections. 

As a member of the International Peptide Society, Alpha Male has a vast knowledge of amino acid peptides which are currently the most exciting advances in Anti-Aging Medicine. 

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